The Aircraft Factory REIMAHG

REIMAHG's construction site

On March 1st, 1944 the Jägerstab was founded in Berlin as an agency to accelerate the production of fighter planes in order to regain sovereignty of airspace as soon as possible. Sauckel promised before the Jägerstab to establish a production volume of 500 Fw 190 and
Ta 152 aircraft per month without losing time. In October 1944 the output numbers were corrected. From now on 1200 Me 262 aircraft were to be completed each month. The Messerschmidt was presented as a “Miracle Weapon,” being the world‘s first mass produced fighter-jet. Reaching top speeds of 530mph the Me 262 was 60mph faster than the planes of the Allies.

Because the factory construction was delayed, a production of the Me 262 fighter-jet never took place.
Only in four preliminarily outfitted bunkers on the south side of the mountain a few aircraft were assembled out of pre-mounted components.

20 to 30 aircraft left the factory until the war ended. Extensive ware of the engines, fuel shortages and poorly trained pilots were the main problems encountered. In March 1945 Sauckel took over the test production of the Horton XVIII flying wing from the Railroad-Car Factory in Gotha, which proved to be another unsolvable task.

  • Stollenplanung im Juni 1944.

    Geplant waren etwa 300.000 qm Stollensystem, 2 (später) 4 große Endmontagehallen zur kompletten Produktion des Flugzeuges ME 262 unter Tage.

  • Realisierter (schwarz) und projektierter Stollenausbau bis April 45.

    Enstanden sind ca. 150.000 qm, von denen lediglich knapp 30.000 schon genutzt werden konnten. Daher nutzte man Außenanlagen zur Flugzeugmontage.

Multi-Functionary Fritz Sauckel

The “Gauleiter” of Thuringia, who was the General Plenipotentiary for the Employment of Labor (GbfA) and leader of the GUSTLOFF-Foundation, wanted to develop Thuringia into a stronghold of Hitler (“Schutz- und Trutzgau des Führers”). He mobilized ten thousands of workers and concentration camp inmates to set up armament production, research institutions and accommodations for high-ranked Nazis. At the Nuremberg Trials he was one of the main suspects and received the death penalty because of his leading role as GbfA.