On April 11th the first forced laborers came to Kahla. Some of them were accommodated in the “Rosengarten”.

To accommodate the forced laborers who arrived from April 11th on, large rooms in hotels, guest houses, ballrooms and restaurants were utilized. A number of main and secondary facilities were established off-site around the Walpersberg; some of them only for temporary use. Many forced laborers were obligated to build their own camp and had to sleep outside or in the mine until their barracks was usable.


Camp Location
A Zwabitztal
B Schindlertal
C Heerweg, Kahla
D Gumpertal
E Eichenberg
1 Walpersberg (Parnitzberg)
2 Dehnatal
3 Forstberg
4 Leubengrund
5 Leubengrund
6 Leubengrund
7 Leubengrund
8 Leubengrund
Hospital Hummelshain