post-war History

Vegetables, Weapons and Museum

The destroyed galleries provided storage space for a fruit and vegetable warehouse in the 1950s. In the 60s the VEB Geological Research West used a small portion of the mine-system, depositing about 250 000 core samples from all across East Germany.

Since 1974 an area of 5.7ac was used militarily again. East Germany‘s Department of Defense demanded the construction of subterranean ammunition, weapons and essentials storage close to the border. The Walpersberg, along with Rothenstein and Lengefeld, belonged to the Complex-Storage 22 (KL-22). Until 1989 ammunition, explosives, field kitchens, cots and further military supply were kept here. The Federal Armed Forces continued using the facilities after 1989, until it was closed in 1997 for lack of cost efficiency.

In 2007 the History and Research Association Walpersberg (founded in 2005) had been able to take over 12.4ac of land and the former entrances. The association organizes guided tours and lectures, issues publications and runs the documentation center in Grosseutersdorf. More detailed information about the association can be found on the website