Commemoration prior to 1990 (GDR)

The first memorial for REIMAHG victims was set up opposite the cemetery in Kahla in 1946. On May 8th 1965 a bigger memorial opened directly at the Walpersberg. Right from the beginning former foreign forced laborers were invited to annual commemoration ceremonies. In 1973/74 the main memorial on the southern slope of the Walpersberg had to give way because of resumed military use of the site. The mine now served as ammunition and weapon storage facility and was named “Komplexlager 22”. Subsequently the new memorial “Mahn- und Gedenkstädte Leubengrund” was built and instituted in May 1974/75. Stones set up for commemoration in the camps were cared for by the youth organization FDJ, local high schools and the “Jugendwerkhof Hummelshain” (a juvenile re-education facility). Up to 1990 large-scale ceremonies were held on the 8th of May in remembrance of the casualties, but were also used as a political platform by the Socialist Party SED.